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The Owls class is a traditional Pre-K class that is geared toward Kindergarten readiness.  The children in the Owls class have three half day sessions and one extended day session with additional enrichment opportunities, setting it apart from the other programs.  The Owls class is designed for children whose birthdays just miss the Kindergarten cut-off date or for those children who need a little more time before taking the leap to Kindergarten.  All children in the Owls class will be going on to Kindergarten and will turn 5 before the end of the calendar year.

Teachers use the Ohio Early Learning Standards to create projects and activities that allow children to practice the essential skills for kindergarten.  Teachers provide children with whole-group circle time instruction, small-group teacher-guided instruction, and free play time throughout the day. The Owls class follows a thematic curriculum which allows the children to become independent learners through centers-based play activities.

We offer one Owl class on T, W, TH from 12:30-3:00 PM with an extended Friday from 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM.

Ratio: 1:9

Tuition: $2,835/year ($315/month)

Supply & Activity Fee: $45/year

Owls: Service
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